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The first step in making your project a success is to accurately assess your needs and expectations. Our team of specialists is at your service to help you evaluate the different options available, and to guide you through the production process.

Granite, marble or quartz?

Natural stone offers a wide range of choices. Our team of experts will guide you towards the best product for you. Each type of product has its own advantages and disadvantages that is good to consider before making a choice. Here are some tips to help you:


Benefits : 
Each piece is unique so it offers a exclusive setting.
Its look is timeless.
It is resistant to scratches and heat.

Benefits : 
It is very beautiful and timeless.
This is a noble material.
Benefits : 
It is sleek and comtemporary.
It is resistant to bacteria, stains and scratches.
It retains its luster over time. Its color is perfectly homogeneous. It does not require any sealer.
Disadvantages :
It is best to use a sealer once a year.
Disadvantages :
It is more fragile than granite, so it requires the application of a sealer more often.
Disadvantages :
Less natural appearance compare to granite and marble.
Trends :
The most popular color are black, brown, dark grey, off-white and beige.
Trends :
Discover the Bianco Carrara, and the other breathtaking colors.
Trends :
The vibrant colors will give a special touch to you decor.

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Natural stonework is a true art. KING stands out for the exceptional quality of its amenities. Our team builds your stone surface on site in our Saint-Remy factory. We also add all finishing details using our own state-of-the-art technology.

Prior to work your stone, our computer technicians develop a specific plan indicating all measurements. At this stage, you will have to indicate all the finishing details such as borders and cutting plans. With our sophisticated technology, customers can see on the screen and in 3D what their final piece will look like. Thus, especially when working granite or marble which vary in colors and textures, the customer knows exactly what to expect.

KING is proud to use eco-friendly practices. In fact, with our unique process and equipment, all water used in our stonework is reused for subsequent projects. We avoid the waste that we see all too often in our industry and contribute to the preservation of water, an invaluable resource.

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KING has built its reputation on the quality of its service and its solid expertise. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and has been the main component of our success. We make sure to meet your expectations while respecting predetermined deadlines and budgets.

Our expert team takes care of the full delivery and installation process, ensuring that the finished product meets the highest standards of quality, reliability and precision. As a family business, we base our growth on the values of respect, professionalism and empathy. Our personalized approach allows us to develop relationships based on complicity and trust.

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Our expertise at the service of your success.

KING has made its reputation for the excellence of its service. Entrust your project and see the added value we can bring to you.

Kitchen makers and cabinet makers
We know that the success of a project depends largely on a perfect organization between the teams involved. That is why we put forward the processes and approaches that help our customers better serve theirs. We have, for example, developed a pricing structure by product group (Groupings) which quickly provides a tender for the most popular stone. Also, we have designed a series of samples, photos slabs and tools to facilitate the sales and selection task with the end customer.

Promoters and contractors
Over the years we have developed a solid experience with major players in the construction industry. We have always based our business relationships on complicity and mutual respect. In addition to your account manager, the whole team is fully dedicated to support you and make your job easier before, during and after the process. In addition, you can rely on our ultra-modern facilities and our high production capacity to respond quickly and effectively to any significant demand.

designers and architects
KING understand the importance of creativity and innovation in the work of our designers and architects clients. Our role is to support them so that together we can find the most innovative and functional solutions for their clients. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for new trends, new materials and new ways of doing things. Thus, we can help our clients to surprise and delight their customers.

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