Our goal: create winning business relationships.

Every day we focus our energies in order to remain the best partners for our commercial clients. For this reason, we have put in place stringent production processes that support quality, meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations at all levels. Our goal: create winning business relationships.

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We alongside professionals



Our facilities are among the most modern in Quebec, so we can respond quickly and efficiently to a large volume of orders.



KING has made its mark by managing production of very large projects. Our experience and expertise makes us ideal partners for major projects.


Designer and architects

Each project is unique, our team has the expertise and tools to provide our customers with creative designers, innovative and functional solutions that will meet the expectations of demanding customers.

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King Granite advantage

One of the main benefits we offer to our business customers is a quick access to exclusive stones of high quality. Our extensive inventory of internationally reputed products allows you to offer innovative and practical solutions to your customers and thus exceeding their expectations. We are here to help you in your success!