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Here are answers to common questions. This additional information is intended to help you guide your clients so that they understand our approach and the key elements of a successful project with us.

Our process

Can I send customers to your showroom?

Our first goal is to help you provide the best service to your customers. They can be in our showroom and meet our experts and we will guide them in their selection process. In addition, before finalizing their purchase of stone, they can go to the warehouse of our distributor to inspect their slab to ensure it suits them perfectly. This is especially necessary in the case of natural stone such as granite, which has natural color variations or patterns.

If one of my clients come to your showroom, is my price protected?

According to our market analysis, the price that we offer to our business customers gives them the opportunity to make a healthy profit on the resale of the product. Indeed, our starting price is lower than the lowest price at which a client can expect on the market. This means that the price that a client will get in person at our showroom will be higher than your price every time.

If I order many products from you, am I entitled to any additional discounts?

Oui, nous avons développé un programme de fidélité très avantageux pour nos clients commerciaux. En fonction du volume d’achat, vous pouvez obtenir un rabais supplémentaire jusqu’à 7 %.

Do you sell and install only the brands that you support?

No, KING can provide you with any product on the market. However, we have exclusive agreements that allow us to offer prestigious brands that you will not find anywhere else such as the Italian quartz Santamargherita, the synthetic stone Lapitec or NEOLITH.

Once my client has accepted the submission, when will the installation occur?

The installation will take place within a period of 10 working days after taking the final measures and the date will be confirmed directly with the customer.

Our sales support

Do you have tools to help our customers make their selection?

Yes we have developed a very simple grid to use for our commercial customers. We have grouped our granites in 6 groups and our quartz into 4 groups, each with a price details. These groups are composed of the most popular choices, and so should fully meet the needs of your customers. So you can quickly give a good idea of ​​the price to your customers.

Do you provide samples?

Yes, we prepared samples and photos of the tiles for each stone that are in our various groups. The customer can quickly make a choice without necessarily having to move to our showroom. However, for natural stone we always recommend the customer to go to warehouse to choose his own slab since the sample may not be entirely representative.

Packaging specification

Do our customers need to provide a sub-counter for certain stones?

Generally not, but in terms of the stones that are available in thinner formats like Lapitec or NEOLITH, yes. So for every ½ inch slab, a sub-counter is required.

What is the normal size of a slab?

Here is the normal size of the tiles depending on the material:

Granite: 119 inches x 67 inches (thickness: 2 or 3 CM)

Quartz: 120 inches x 55 inches (thickness 2 or 3 CM)

Lapitec: 133 inches x 59 inches (thickness in inches: 1/2, ¾ or 1 ¼)

Taking measurements

What should my customers do to prepare for the measurements?

Before taking action, the customer must ensure that his cabinets are at the right level and that their installation is completed. When taking measurements, if the existing counter is in place, it must be well clear of any object. However, it must be removed before installation. Also, sink, faucet, supports and appliances are required to be on site.

Does the client need to be on the site while taking the measurements?

Yes, the client must be on or any other person to whom it delegates the authority to make decisions for him.

How long does it take to take the measurements?

For a kitchen of normal size, the measurements are normally done in 45 minutes.

Installation preparation

How does our customer need to prepare for the installation of a new counter?

First, it is important to note that for any work, our installers and technicians will wear boots for safety reasons. It is strongly recommended that customers cover their floor before their arrival. Also, any finishing (such as backsplash, paint, wallpaper, etc.) should be done after installation to prevent problems. Our team works with the utmost care, however minor damage could be caused during installation and we can not be responsible for repairs. Finally, it is essential that the cabinets in place at the facility are designed to support the weight of the counter and they are level.

Can I install a countertop even if a backsplash is already installed?

Yes, however, we must ensure that there is sufficient clearance to the countertop is installed under the backsplash.

Can the customer install the counter itself?

Yes, the customer can install the counter or ask another professional. However, we are not responsible for damage because it is a delicate operation that requires special expertise. This is why we recommend the use of our services that meet the highest industry standards.

Is the installation noisy and messy?

Our installers act with the utmost respect, so the noise and dirt should be minimal. However, we strongly suggest customers to protect their floor and remove any valuables that could be damaged accidentally.

Does your team wraps and install the sink?

Yes, our team puts in place the sink and glue. However, we do no plumbing, and no electricity for appliances.

Ask our experts now, to help you plan your projects.

Better information, better success!

We firmly believe that the more clear and complete the information we give to our customers is, the more success we will be. The reason is simple, our clients feel safe and guided towards the completion of their projects. In consequence, we have developed some essential information tools to facilitate your work with the final client. Here are some pertinent documents to avoid any problems and assure a smooth progress of the project.

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Lapitec guide


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